Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ordered by Zaireen Bahari : "Robot Trains Theme" Birthday Set

From GC4U to : Zaireen Bahari (2nd May 2017)
Delivery Type : Poslaju - EP329739595MY
Item : "Robot Trains Theme" Birthday Set

"Robot Trains Theme" Birthday Set 

"Robot Trains Theme" Stand-in Board (A4)

"Robot Trains Theme" Sticker Sealer (14cm x 4cm) - for paper bags

"Robot Trains Theme" Birthday Set
-Large Chocolates with Personalized Wrapper
-Mini Mentos with Personalized Wrapper

"Robot Trains Theme" Goodie Topper + Mix Candies

"Robot Trains Theme" Large Chocolates with Personalized Wrapper

"Robot Trains Theme" Mini Mentos with Personalized Wrapper

Ordered by Hartini Satim : "Bee (yellow/pink) Theme" Birthday Set

From GC4U to : Hartini Satim (2nd May 2017)
Delivery Type : Poslaju - EP303615664MY
Item : "Bee (yellow/pink) Theme" Birthday Set

"Bee (yellow/pink) Theme" Round Sticker (4.3cm)

"Bee (yellow/pink) Theme" Banner/Backdrop (2ft x 4ft)